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Treatment at Drug Rehabilitation Centers

12 Oct

Drug and alcohol addiction is affecting millions of Americans who find it difficult to get rid of their addiction and are unable to do their daily chores without these addictive substances, and causing the rise of intensive outpatient treatment. Many of them are quite oblivious of the fact that they are addicted and by the time they realize their dilemma, it might be too late. There can be many reasons for a person to start abusing drugs or alcohol like having fun, being bored, or simply due to peer pressure. Whatever might be the reason, drug rehabilitation centers provide Intensive outpatient treatment for treatment of this malaise depending upon the circumstances and severity of each case.


Withdrawal Problems

It is easy to get into the vicious circle of drug addiction or alcohol abuse but getting out of it is very difficult. The addict will feel a lot of emotional and physical pain from detox from marijuana. Moreover, if the addict does not take the substance for a certain period of time, his nose will appear to run continuously and his limbs will tremble slightly. He will find it difficult to perform his daily routine work because he will experience loss of concentration and depletion of energy.


Treatments and Rehab Programs

Drug rehabilitation centers have different types of treatment and rehabilitation programs to deal with such cases. The different methods and programs of treatment are tailor-made to the severity of addiction and other specific individual factors. However, cooperation of the addict is absolutely essential for the success of the treatment process. The drug rehabilitation centers provide drug rehab and alcohol treatment methadone detox that are highly effective and are affordable. The treatment is provided by skilled professionals like mental health counselors, psychotherapists, and interventionists who are duly licensed and who have sufficient experience in handling such cases.

Masters-level professionals study each case in detail before starting their treatment. They assess the patient thoroughly before recommending any drastic form of treatment. If they find that the condition is not severe, they recommend treatment at home but if they find that mild treatment will not work they recommend a more intensive treatment at the drug rehab centers. Depending on an individual’s level of addiction and other related circumstances, the professionals of drug rehabilitation centers can recommend any of these lines of treatment:

Brief Intervention: This is an effective short duration program designed mainly for people who are caught for their first DUI or first time excessive substance abuse. They are mandated to attend alcohol classes for a few weeks.

Detoxification: This is a first step before entering drug rehabilitation centers and the purpose of a hydrocodone detox is to make sure that an incident of intoxication does not get escalated. However for long term abusers of alcohol or drugs, supervised detox is recommended because there is the possibility of seizures.

Outpatient Treatment: If a person is not yet dependant but is showing signs of problems, outpatient treatment involving group therapy or individual counseling is provided. However, if a patient is fully dependant, 16-20 hours of group and individual therapy per week is provided. Such treatment is also given after a patient completes residential treatment.

Inpatient Treatment at Drug Rehabilitation Centers: This crystal meth treatment is recommended for people with addiction or chemical dependency. The duration of treatment might range from 4 weeks to a year. There are different types of intensive outpatient treatment programs that deal with different aspects like physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health.

Treatment of alcohol and drug abuse can take time and as such it is important that the support of family and friends is provided when the Intensive outpatient treatment takes place at drug rehabilitation centers.


Residential Drug Rehab Centers

26 Sep

Going to a residential drug rehab center is often the best way to treat a drug addiction. It has the advantage of being able to provide a drug addict with the type of treatment that is most appropriate for him or her. Depending on an addict’s needs, he or she may be placed in a short-term or long-term program, be treated with other patients with similar backgrounds, or given a treatment with a particular focus (such as a luxury treatment or a Christian treatment). The ability of residential drug rehab centers to accommodate different clients is the prime reason for its success.

In most cases, residential drug addiction rehab centers require payment, which is necessary to keep the facilities in good condition and as salary to the staff. However, there are also government-sponsored residential drug rehab centers, which are free to enter, but may have a limited capacity. Individuals who are deeply addicted to drugs is strongly advised to admit themselves to a residential treatment center if one is available as it offers better treatment.

Most residential treatment centers provide comprehensive treatment that takes into account each client’s particular situation, needs and requirements. Some phases of its treatment are mental health care, personal counseling, and group therapy sessions. These facilities also review each client’s medical, professional and personal history in order to understand and provide better recommendations. In addition, the family of a patient is also educated about the situation in order to help them assist their recovering member once he or she leaves the treatment center.

Detox centers, where drug addicts can safely clear drug substances from their body, is often associated with a residential treatment centers so that treatment is immediate and more convenient. All residential treatment centers are run and supervised by trained counseling professionals and personnel. Treatment in a residential rehab center can be as short as three months, but may extend to over a year, depending on a patient’s treatment progress and capacity to return to a normal, clean life outside of the facilities.

Choosing the right residential drug rehab center can be essential in the treatment process. If a drug addict (or his or her family) is capable of choosing from a variety of residential treatment centers, he/she (/they) should choose the one that could provide the most client-centered treatment. It is also a good idea to consult with a treatment consultancy agency, which has a wide index of treatment centers and which can best provide recommendations based on the drug addict’s profile and current condition.

Luxury Rehab Treatment Centers

7 Sep

Luxury drug rehabs are created to provide drug rehab treatment to individuals who require a high level of privacy or who may need some amenities not provided in other rehab centers. Luxury rehabs are run privately and are known for catering to high profile personalities and well-to-do clients.

An example of a luxury drug rehab center

A defining characteristic of luxury rehab centers is its extreme confidentiality. They are normally located in scenic places that are not easily accessed by public transport. The location is often critical not only for purposes of discretion, but also to provide the clients with a good, stress-free environment. Visits in luxury rehab centers are strictly monitored for the welfare of the clients.

Compared to other drug treatment centers, luxury treatment centers provide better facilities and services. This does not always assure a speedy recovery, but it can help in making the clients feel more comfortable and are therefore more open to treatment. Also, because the treatment programs in luxury rehab centers are more client-focused, it may be better in dealing with each client’s specific problems.

However, phases of treatment in luxury rehab centers don’t greatly differ from that of other treatment centers. Patients still start treatment by undergoing detoxification, and in most cases will still be required to attend group counseling sessions as well as private therapy sessions with a medical doctor or psychiatrist.

During the recovery, the patients are – as much as possible – provided with their different needs and requests. Patients also get more comfort, better treatment and medical attention from the facility’s staff compared to patients of other treatment centers. Treatment from a luxury rehab centers are generally much more expensive but clients are compensated by the quality of service and other benefits.