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Bipolar Treatment

17 Oct

Bipolar disorder is a type of mental instability characterized by the presence of one or more episodes of abnormally elevated energy levels that is treated through medication, lifestyle change and professional medical bipolar treatment. It is formerly known as manic-depressive disorder, and diagnosed only if both mania and depression is observable. Crystal meth rehab often treats patients with bipolar disorder. People in heroin withdrawal treatment may also appear like they have bipolar disorder.

The full symptoms of bipolar disorder normally start to show during a person’s late adolescence or early adulthood. Diagnosing a person will based on his or her self-reported experiences, as well as his or her behavior as observed by others. Generally, abnormal behavior is associated with distress and disruption, with many sufferers having thoughts of suicide during their depressive episodes. In some cases, it can be a devastating long-lasting disorder.

There are many kinds of drugs used in bipolar treatment. But in most treatment centers, the facilitators provide a combination of vitamins, minerals, supplements and herbs with prescription medication in treating the condition while preventing the patient to be dependent on a single drug only. The most used drugs are antidepressants, including SAMe, John’s wort and Inositol. However, this kind f treatment runs the risk of starting a manic episode.

In a drug rehab, supervising physician may also recommend L-glutamine, which though not having antidepressant properties, provides similar effects. Lithium is also used as a way to correct chemical imbalance in the body that can trigger mania. (This is sometimes attributed to excessive amounts of vanadium and ginseng). A type of supplement given to patients is chromium, usually sold in the form of chromium picolinate.

In most halfway houses, doctors use antipsychotic medication as the first line of treatment bipolar disorder, as well as other forms of psychosis like schizophrenia. Increasingly, these drugs are also used to treat non-psychotic disorders, such as Tourette syndrome, anxiety and even autism. This is generally believed as one of the strongest factors for the rapid sales increase of antipsychotic drugs, currently the most prescribed class of drugs in the United States.

In some treatment centers, medication for bipolar disorder is supplemented with natural substances, such as herbal treatments. Lower occurrence of depression and mania has been noted on people using this kind of treatment. However, individuals who are taking self-administered bipolar treatment should first consult with a professional psychiatrist before taking any medication or supplement to insure that proper treatment is followed and that no complications rise from it.


Characteristics of a Substance Abuser

3 Oct

Substance abuse is one of the primary matters of concern that remains an obstacle for healthy lifestyle both in adults as well as in teens today. Substance abuse is not only dangerous for the abuser, but also affects the people around them severely. So it is important to keep an eye out for drug abusers around us. Substance abusers exhibit some characteristics that disrupt their physical and social life. Here, we will know some of those characteristics:


Health issues

Some of the health effects among the substance abusing people include irritability, change in weight, lack or excessive amount of energy, impaired coordination, raising heartbeat etc. The functions of various important organs such as brain, heart, lungs, liver, and others get impaired. Strokes, lung or bronchial disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and mental disorders are some of the major health issues related to the substance abuse. The dangerous health effects due to long-term practice of this unhealthy habit may also result in death of the abuser.


Problems at school or work

Unhealthy habits such as substance abuse create many problems at school or workplace. Youth addicted to drugs or alcohols miss their classes regularly. Sudden drop in grades and quitting the extracurricular activities are some of the consequences of abuse in students. In the same way, drug abuse among employees results in frequent absenteeism and poor performance at work. Many of them will be involved in accidents at workplaces. Thereby, it affects the career of the abuser.


Involvement in crime

The most serious characteristic of substance abusers is their involvement in crime related activities. They may steal money or other valuables from home or workplace. Out of anger, they may get into violent activities including fighting with friends or family members and may even attempt to kill others. This affects the abuser as well as others in the society.


Unhealthy lifestyle

The practice of substance abuse entertains an unhealthy lifestyle. Drug abusers may be involved in use of infected needles, smoking, ignore diet and exercise which may lead to several serious health effects. Many physical as well as psychological effects arise due to frequent use of illegal drugs.


Behavioral changes

Many changes in behavior and attitude are observed among the drug abusers. Certain typical behavioral alterations and characteristics of substance abusers include decrease in work performance, hanging out with new friends, sudden personality changes, and mood swings. They also prefer to spend longer time in self-imposed isolation. They often tend to lie when questioned regarding their activities and whereabouts. They are more prone to anger, irritation, and violence. Suicidal thoughts and inability to control temper or anger are the indications of drug addiction.


Neglect grooming

Change in the physical appearance is one of the characteristics of substance abusers. They neglect the regular grooming activities such as brushing hair, showering, and so on as their priorities shift to the constant need for the drug. Drug abuse therefore affects their personal hygiene. It is also associated with many health issues.


Physical characteristics

Certain physical signs and symptoms help in detecting the substance abusers. They are found with red eyes, large or small pupils, unusual skin color, runny nose, bags under eyes, frequent sore throats, puffy face, frequent bruises from falls etc. Needle marks on the body are a clear indication of substance abuse. Certain skin abscesses may be formed due to the needle marks making it much easy to identify them.


If you find any of the above mentioned characteristics in your family members, friends, children employees or any other person, you need to first confirm that they are involved in substance abuse. You need to realize that early drug abusers using right drug detection tools such as drug testing kits help in implementing necessary treatment measures at a right time.

Drug Addiction Options for Health Professionals

23 Sep

Drug addiction has become a major health problem in different parts of the world. You know that drug addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease. It is characterized by habitual. It ruins not only individual but also the whole family. This affects your mental and physical stamina. Drug abusers regularly spend more and more time and energy getting and using the drug. It becomes very bad once if they are addicted, then it became primary purpose in their life and looking for drugs. In these critical circumstances, Rehab Centers Illinois helps you and shows the right path for better life.

The medicine problem and its consequences have been alarming in different parts of the world. The problem has now reached the higher levels of society for instance celebrities and sport personalities, along with, children, students, teenagers. This is surveyed by various non-government organizations that daily wage earners/laborers, rag pickers, truck drivers, medical workers and youths are all equally prone to the threat of addiction. Drug Rehab Illinois plays a vital role in helping people recover from drug addiction and bringing lives back to normal again.

The health professionals are very important in drug rehabilitation centers by helping the patients to recover from alcohol and drug addiction who otherwise though they were incurable. It is not easy for an individual to recover from addiction without medicines or treatment. At Drug Rehab Illinois can offer better future. It deals with both physical as well as psychological aspects of alcohol or drug dependence. The health professional recommends some medicines to help the patient tackle taking out symptoms. This is important steps in term of physical dependence on drugs. Doctors think it is a vital and challenging job since this is the first step in breaking patients’ alcohol or drug addiction. This is true that addicted people builds up chemical dependence on alcohol or drugs.

Every drug addict is different. There are no fixed treatment methods for all of them. Group therapy and individual counseling are very important part of treatment. In group therapy patients participate in group sessions in which other addicts are also there. Since many of them have under gone various recovery stages, Rehab Center IL can help those patients who have just started the process.

Group rehabilitation therapy centers have the best treatment programs for people who just need a little extra support from peers. It helps family deal with the drug addiction along with the patient. Group therapy rehabilitation programs are perfect in combination with other treatment addiction treatment. Before going to drug center makes sure the rehab programs are right for the condition. You choose the right rehab program helps keep temptation away and solidifies recovery. Drug addiction recovery is a long, hard road that only the patient can travel, but there is help with deters therapy, and a little family love. Rehab Center IL fully devotes itself with a special aim of bringing them back into the mainstream, remains to be one of the biggest challenges any community faces today.

Preventing Drug Addiction

2 Sep

Simple experimentation can develop into a habit, and then progress into an addiction or dependency. Once a person’s body has grown accustomed to the drug, it will become very difficult to stop using it. When this goes untreated, the drug addict may sacrifice his personal and social relationships just in order to support his addiction. To avoid falling into this difficult situation, consider the following suggestions:

  1. Understand how drug addiction comes about. Drug addiction can start of as a curiosity or be done because of peer pressure. It can begin with as mundane a step as taking prescription medications. Knowing the signs right at the onset can help you prevent even starting with just one use.
  2. Immediately seeking help when you detect a drug problem is essential. Drug use and abuse can easily develop into drug addiction when left unchecked. Seeking help especially from medical professionals can help stop the habit right at the onset. Addressing issues and undergoing therapy and/or treatment is vital in preventing the bad habit from worsening. It can also stop detrimental effects from happening to the body.
  3. Stay away from occasions and peers who are likely to tempt you to do drugs. It is most advisable to just leave an event where drug use is done. It is best to avoid contact with persons who do drugs or better yet help them get checked into a rehab centre and be treated for drug addiction.
  4. Healthy and creative habits are indispensable. Having regular exercise and infusing fruits and vegetables into your diet can keep your body healthy. Finding a creative outlet such as arts and music can help channel your energy into more productive endeavors than engaging yourself in drug use and abuse.
  5. Find the support you need. Support is likewise indispensable. If you happened to succumb to drug use, people who are concerned about your welfare can definitely help you out. They can help check you into a drug rehab centre where you can receive treatment. There are many drug rehab facilities that can cater to your needs.

In the end, it is all about the decision to say no to drugs and yes to a better life. Prevention and treatment of drug addiction is all about the will to change for the better.

It is never too late for victims of substance misuse to get their life back. A variety of solutions in dealing with drug addiction is always available for you in our site as well as useful guidelines that may help to guide you through this kind of addiction.

Drug Addiction: Overview & Facts

2 Sep

Drug abuse is now considered a major health crisis in this country. Compared with other chronic diseases, drug abuse costs the nation billions more:

  • Diabetes costs society $131.7 billion annually
  • Cancer costs society $171.6 billion annually
  • Drug addiction costs society $484 billion annually

The enormity of the problem is reflected in areas that include health, education, and criminal justice. Costs to society stem from:

  • Health care (cancer, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, pediatric AIDS)
  • Traffic accidents
  • Violent crimes
  • Child abuse
  • Homelessness
  • Failure at school
  • Performance in the workplace

In 2009, an estimated 21.8 million Americans aged 12 or older were current illicit drug users. That number is rising steadily as teens are succumbing to addiction from over the counter and prescription drugs. Sadly, the younger a person is when he or she uses drugs, the greater the chance of addiction. Older Americans are also at serious risk of becoming addicts as more and more medications are prescribed by a variety of treating doctors. Confusion about the drugs and mismanagement leads seniors down the path of addiction.

Drug Addiction

Addiction is a chronic disease with compulsive drug seeking and use, despite the consequences for both the addict and the addict’s family. “Drug addiction is a brain disease because the abuse of drugs leads to changes in the structure and function of the brain.” (National Institute of Drug Abuse)

The cycle of use, detox, and relapse can be hopelessly repeated without the proper detoxification and drug addiction treatment. The cycle continues to worsen as use increases; higher doses are increasingly required to achieve the same effect. Detoxification from drug addiction is dangerous when attempted in the privacy of one’s home without proper medical supervision. Studies indicate that drug addiction detox alone does nothing to stop the addictive behavior. Specialized addiction treatment is necessary to halt the cycle.

Drug Abuse

There is a difference between abuse and addiction, though the line separating the two is fine. When a person is abusing drugs, he or she may still have a choice as to whether or not to take them. An individual addicted to drugs, whether prescription or illicit, no longer has a choice about whether to use or not. Drug addiction leaves the person with an intense and compulsive need to use drugs, or else the body immediately experiences severe withdrawal symptoms.

According to scientific studies, there are four stages from first use to addiction. Drug abuse easily moves to addiction because the brain functions are altered.

  • Exploratory
  • Recreational
  • Abuse (user loses focus on daily activities, use can become secretive, thinks solely about using drugs)
  • Dependency (user can no longer face daily life without drugs, loss of control over use, denies problem)

This last stage is considered addiction, and with certain drugs, such as heroin and other opioids, addiction is rapid. Younger people move through these phases faster than adults.

Drug Dependency

The delineation between dependency and addiction is arguable. Once the physical demand takes over and one loses the choice to use drugs, that person has crossed into dependency and addiction. The more one uses prescription drugs or illicit drugs, the more the drugs begin to control the brain’s function and chemistry.

Drug-induced brain alterations are profound. Whether a drug is an illicit drug or a prescribed drug, the brain’s response to drug use is the same. The brain receives a synthetic form of dopamine and immediately reduces its own natural production of dopamine to balance the incoming surges of the chemical. The length of time and the dosages used determine how quickly brain alterations occur. Initial feelings of calm or euphoria quickly disappear causing the addict to increase the amount of drugs taken. The chase for the good feeling commences with the addict always coming in last. One of the biggest problems facing the medical community now is the rapidly increasing number of patients addicted to properly prescribed pain medication.

More than one major brain function is impaired by the use of prescription and illicit drug use. Brain scans have illustrated the significant physical changes occur in an addict’s brain. These changes negatively impact the judgment, decision making, learning, and memory functions of the brain as well.

Once a person has become addicted to drugs, the decision to continue or to stop has been eradicated. Unless properly detoxed from drugs and appropriate addiction treatment obtained, “will power” alone will not restore the addict to health.

The consequences of drug addiction are a major burden on the family, the community, and society at large. Broken homes, domestic violence, criminal activity, financial difficulties, loss of employment, failure in school are only a few qualities of life that result from prescription and illicit drug abuse.

If you, a loved one or an employee suffers from prescription drug or illicit drug addiction, Addiction411 can help. You are feeling scared and overwhelmed. You’ve hit rock bottom and you don’t know what to do. You can’t stop using despite all your best efforts. Our website and helpline are dedicated to getting you the help you so desperately need.

With thousands of detox and addiction treatment facilities, it is hard to know what to choose. Choosing the best detox and treatment center that can address all your medical and psychological needs is crucial. All treatment facilities are not the same. That is how we can help. Call now and find the best program for your medical needs.