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Prescription Drug Detox

17 Oct

Addiction to prescription drugs has become an alarming problem to modern society, and it’s a hard problem to tackle because few of those suffering from it know where or how to undergo prescription drug detox. Remedying the situation isn’t very easy as life has become so dynamic that many people can’t cope with it without the aid of prescription drugs: they use the drugs to make themselves function, or worse to simply feel any comfort.

Often people are found to be using painkillers and other anti-anxiety drugs to keep themselves somewhat relieved from the stress of their stressful life. And while doing that it is found that they gradually becomes addicted to these prescription drugs.

Oxycontin is one of the prescription drug most abused. People start taking it as it both helps improve work performance and makes the abuser feel better. Once started, the use of oxycontin can only be stopped with the aid of an oxycontin detox center. In other cases, people take the drugs because they are unhappy with their situations but can’t find the means to change it.

For some, the onset of depression symptoms – even without professional diagnosis – is enough to make them take drugs, thinking that it will help them feel better. Other, still, develop an addiction to prescription drugs from trying to treat an addiction for other substances. Methadone, for example, is used as a substitute when treating heroin and morphine.

Individuals who have become dependent on a prescription drug for their mood and ability to function is categorically an addict and are people who need help. They need to be made aware of their condition and helped into recovery. They need to undergo detox methadone or prescription drug detox and be admitted to rehab.

In fact the point is that there should be proper treatment procedure for the best cure of theprescription drug problem, otherwise the results may be devastation and the patient may go under depression and can even return back to his addiction problem. Other than that there is also another important thing to mention in this respect.

The initial stages of prescription drug detox is painful as the patients’ body tries to adjust to its new condition. This is why it is important for addicted individuals to go to a detox center that is maintained by professional health care providers who can provide some level of comfort during this trying period. Once patients have successfully detoxed, they will then go to a drug and alcohol rehab to recover.

Becoming addicted to prescription drugs isn’t always the fault of the individual. However, seeking treatment once addiction is confirmed is one’s responsibility to oneself. Although treatment will not be easy and prescription drug detox can even be painful, going through with it is the only safe way to stop addiction and have the chance to a productive, healthy life again.


Reasons Why People Start a Drug Habit

22 Sep

Social and behavioral experts say that drug addiction is a complex problem with simple causes. They have pretty much agreed that it can be boiled down to two main reasons: genetic and environmental predispositions. Meanwhile drug addicts themselves have pointed to more specific reasons: family problems, peer pressure, the need to unwind, etc. These are all true – they are all factors in each person’s addiction – but perhaps what often goes undiscussed is how drug addicts even got to start their addiction.

For that, there are really only two answers: availability of the drugs, and the mistaken belief that a person can stop using anytime he or she wants.

The accessibility of most drugs is the leading reason for the prevalence of illicit drug use in the U.S. and in other countries. For example, prescription drug abuse. Although so many doctors are unconvinced of the medical reasons for the need of such drugs, it can’t be denied that individuals still manage to exploit a doctor’s prescription in such a way that they buy more than they need. Using pain and “medication” as reasons, people who can get hold of these prescriptions buy more frequently. It’s the fact that they find it easy to obtain the substances that get them hooked.

Drug abuse also more likely for people who have a poor judgment of their self-control: the youth and the uneducated. A teenager is like a clean piece of paper. So, what happens when he indulges in drugs, thinks he will stop anytime and gets hooked? He will probably spend the next decade battling the addiction and wondering why he wasn’t able to quit. As a result of the belief that they will be able to prevent themselves anytime, they get farther into it. A teen doesn’t see anything wrong with trying out recreational drugs. They keep at it because they think they will be able to let go of the dependency anytime. Granted, some youngsters do outgrow the problem and grow up to be more sensible individuals because of the experience; but more teens get snagged in the bog and never get out.

This is not to say that people’s personal psychological problems and social dispositions do not affect their drug habit. It is only to say that a drug habit can only start if the two factors above are present. Of course, problems in the family or being in a bad neighborhood will certainly contribute whether a person gets an access to illicit drugs and will be in an environment that does not encourage him to stop.