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Bipolar Treatment

17 Oct

Bipolar disorder is a type of mental instability characterized by the presence of one or more episodes of abnormally elevated energy levels that is treated through medication, lifestyle change and professional medical bipolar treatment. It is formerly known as manic-depressive disorder, and diagnosed only if both mania and depression is observable. Crystal meth rehab often treats patients with bipolar disorder. People in heroin withdrawal treatment may also appear like they have bipolar disorder.

The full symptoms of bipolar disorder normally start to show during a person’s late adolescence or early adulthood. Diagnosing a person will based on his or her self-reported experiences, as well as his or her behavior as observed by others. Generally, abnormal behavior is associated with distress and disruption, with many sufferers having thoughts of suicide during their depressive episodes. In some cases, it can be a devastating long-lasting disorder.

There are many kinds of drugs used in bipolar treatment. But in most treatment centers, the facilitators provide a combination of vitamins, minerals, supplements and herbs with prescription medication in treating the condition while preventing the patient to be dependent on a single drug only. The most used drugs are antidepressants, including SAMe, John’s wort and Inositol. However, this kind f treatment runs the risk of starting a manic episode.

In a drug rehab, supervising physician may also recommend L-glutamine, which though not having antidepressant properties, provides similar effects. Lithium is also used as a way to correct chemical imbalance in the body that can trigger mania. (This is sometimes attributed to excessive amounts of vanadium and ginseng). A type of supplement given to patients is chromium, usually sold in the form of chromium picolinate.

In most halfway houses, doctors use antipsychotic medication as the first line of treatment bipolar disorder, as well as other forms of psychosis like schizophrenia. Increasingly, these drugs are also used to treat non-psychotic disorders, such as Tourette syndrome, anxiety and even autism. This is generally believed as one of the strongest factors for the rapid sales increase of antipsychotic drugs, currently the most prescribed class of drugs in the United States.

In some treatment centers, medication for bipolar disorder is supplemented with natural substances, such as herbal treatments. Lower occurrence of depression and mania has been noted on people using this kind of treatment. However, individuals who are taking self-administered bipolar treatment should first consult with a professional psychiatrist before taking any medication or supplement to insure that proper treatment is followed and that no complications rise from it.


Recognizing Drug Addiction

15 Sep

Drug use, unfortunately, has become common in today’s culture. It is used in rave parties, meetings at bars and other social occasions, as well as being promoted in certain movies and through the public lifestyle of celebrities and artists. Because of this, many young people try drugs, start a habit and, before they know it, are already addicted to it. And though it is true that not everyone who has used an illicit drug becomes an addict, it is more often that drug users continue to use it without being fully aware of their condition.


How to recognize if a person is a drug addict

A person is classified as a drug addict if he or she cannot function without it, or if the person suffers severe side effects when withdrawn from the drug of his or her choice. But there are still other checkpoints that can be used to confirm or measure a person’s addiction. A person doesn’t have to look or act like a junkie for him or her to be an addict. Merely a constant craving for a drug is enough to tell that a person is addicted to drugs.


Having said that, drunk addiction may still be difficult to detect or verify sometimes, especially if the user is using drugs at infrequent intervals or are using “soft” drugs (such as cannabis) or pharmaceutical drugs (or drugs prescribed by a doctor). People who regularly use drugs – even if they don’t show severe symptoms of addiction – should seek counseling in order to find a solution to their problem as well as to avoid the risks of drug use.


How drug addicts can get help

Individuals who have serious or worsening drug addiction need to find treatment as soon as possible. There are many resources on the internet that direct visitors to different (kinds) of drug addiction treatment centers. As an alternative, a drug user seeking treatment can consult counseling agencies that recommend treatment centers depending on the client’s severity of addiction, financial capability, preferences and needs and other factors.

Drug addiction treatment centers are often very effective at arresting addiction and guiding their patients to recovery. These treatment centers provide private and group therapy meetings that not only help patients stop using drugs but help them resolve the issues that instigated the drug use as well. Drug addiction treatment centers also educate patients on how to abstain from using drugs again once they are out of treatment.