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Drug Addiction and Eating Disorders

20 Sep

Many people – particularly the young – who are seeking treatment for drug addiction experience eating disorders. Some people think the eating disorder is what prompted the addiction, while others think the opposite. But the truth is, the matter is not as simple as knowing which started what. What parents and concerned friends should know is what triggers both?

More noticeably in young people, a drug addiction is accompanied by an eating disorder, although it is also common that one would occur without the other. But which really starts first isn’t the same for everyone. In some cases, a person may have a distorted perception of his or her appearance and decide that losing weight will make things better. This may be the beginning of an eating disorder – and when the person can’t achieve his or her desired results, he or she may resort to drugs.

On the other hand, drugs can make people forget about basic necessities like eating. What happens is that drugs can stimulate the reward centers of the brain and cause pleasurable feelings. In a normal situation these sensations can only be achieved when a person are made to feel good – e.g. praised, being in love – or does something good – e.g. exercise and eat. With drugs, there’s very little need for any of these things.

When these conditions are not treated, it may lead to serious health complications. To avoid this, families should observe their members for sudden and drastic changes in behavior and, if necessary, look closely on the matter. Problems, when they’re still in an early stage, may be remedied through sincere, honest talks and good advice, or even by simply avoiding certain crowds and influences.

However, when eating disorder and drug abuse has already combined, and the affected person has begun suffering health complications, a more professional treatment should be called. He or she should be admitted to a drug abuse treatment center to be helped by counselors while being monitored by a physician for any health problems. Only through a client-focused treatment facility can a person with these problems recover safely and permanently.